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 Post subject: Matt Farnsworth Interview (English Language)
PostPosted: 23. Jul 2013, 20:02 
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Matt Farnsworth (*16.08.1975) is a well known American filmmaker, painter, video artist, and performance artist. Farnsworth has directed 3 films to date. He is best known for his new horror franchise creation "The Orphan Killer". His first feature film IOWA was an instant cult classic. "Iowa" was an official selection at the Tribeca Film Festival in 2005. The film also earned him a best picture award at The Midwest independent film festival. The film made major headlines at the Tribeca film festival gaining Farnsworth a solid fan base as a Director and Actor in the multi-million dollar indie film world. The film went on to be released in theaters and is now worldwide. He also produced and Directed the first installment of Dying For Meth. A documentary style film that takes an in depth look into the methamphetamine pandemic that has swept over the Midwestern United States. The 43 minute film has been awarded alongside major networks such as CBS and NBC at the Beverly Hills Based Prism Awards. In 2008 Farnsworth was deputized along with Shaquille O'Neal by the Police Athletics league for his work in Meth prevention and awareness. Farnsworth has an unorthodox approach to filmmaking bringing about an organic feeling to his work unrivaled by many his age. The New York Times, Chicago Tribune, NY Post, and other major publications often compare his work to that of David Lynch, Martin Scorsese, and Quentin Tarantino. As an actor Farnsworth has been in indie films and on National TV shows. Farnsworth is the writer, director, and producer of the number one horror icon on Facebook and popular motion picture "The Orphan Killer" A genre film and character that has become the new horror icon of the 21st century. (Source : IMDB)


UkF :
Cheers Matt.
Thanx for taking the time to do this interview with me for our forum. I am very happy it worked out and that you take the time to answer our questions.
First off I want to congratulate you on THE ORPHAN KILLER, which in my opinion is one of the freshest, goriest and most impressing Slasher Flick within the last 10 Years – I enjoyed and liked it a lot!

Matt Farnsworth :
Cruelest thanks my brother. It has indeed become a brutal hit.

UkF :
How did it all started for you with filmmaking?
Was there an inspiring Movie or occasion that made you want to become an Actor and/or Director?

Matt Farnsworth :
I always enjoyed films. Since I was a kid. Movies are living for me.

UkF :
The first movie you directed was the Documentary Short Movie POOR MAN’S DOPE.
It was about the epidemic rise of Crystal Meth in the Midwest of the USA.
What was the motivation for you to do this Documentary?
Did you made some personal experiences with friends or relatives getting hooked on Crystal?

Matt Farnsworth :
It was filmed as research to make the film IOWA realistic looking. The footage was so good it became a documentary that aired on Current TV worldwide. It also won awards alongside CBS, NBC, and other major networks.

UkF :
The first feature Movie you directed and also played the lead was IOWA, which is subject also was about Crystal Meth.
I noticed – haven’t when I sadly haven’t seen the movie yet – that it has a very impressive cast and Actors like John Savage or Rosanna Arquette were in IOWA.
Do you want to tell us about IOWA, the intention to make the Movie and how did you get these actors to star in it?

Matt Farnsworth :
IOWA was a big deal as a first film.
IOWA was awarded at the Tribeca Film Festival in NYC, and was released in theaters in the US.
It was also distributed overseas.
You would like the film IOWA.
It’s a good movie with some sick violence and hot scenes.


UkF :
With your second Feature Film THE ORPHAN KILLER you switched Genres and directed a Horror/Slasher Movie.
What was the intention or reason for you to direct a Slasher Movie?

Matt Farnsworth :
Ever since I saw the original nightmare on elm street I was into horror.
It grabbed me and kept me there.
Just like The Orphan Killer does for so many people.
It’s a visceral impact on the soul. Horror fans feel it deeply and they love that feeling.

I assume the worldwide feedback on THE ORPHAN KILLER was amazing and very good?

Matt Farnsworth :
I have never had more messages a day over a project.
I try my best to respond in person. I enjoy the interaction with the fans.
Its where I derive a lot of creative power. Interaction with those that are most passionate about what you have made drives it forward.

UkF :
In Germany it was even “that good” that the German Board of Censors decided to ban the movie even without a german release (laughs).
I assume it is an honor to you that it got banned due its graphic violence?

Matt Farnsworth :
I believe that there is a good reason they banned the film.
Most likely do to their own insecurities about themselves as people.
The Orphan Killer is a very effective film in it’s attempt to spell out lies.
In both governmental functions and religious communities.
The religious aspects are a backdrop though to the brutality.
They claim in their letter to me that they banned the film in Germany do to glorification of violence and youth endangerment.

Ukf :
Is it more a curse or a blessing in your opinion that the Movie got banned?

Matt Farnsworth :
It’s really neither because there is no such thing as a curse or a blessing to me.
It is a good thing in horror fans opinion that the film is banned.
As you know, most of the best films in horror are banned in Germany.
I never planned to give the film away to some US studios.
They offered to put the film out but I did not want them to destroy my art.
Not on this one.
The Orphan Killer is my brutal son. I don’t sell out family.


When you had the Idea for THE ORPHAN KILLER was it your intention to create with Marcus Miller an iconic Slasher Character like Jason, Michael Myers or Laetherface?

Matt Farnsworth :
Not necessarily.
Those films are a factor in The Orphan Killer’s success.
They have helped to make TOK the ultimate slasher icon for the download generation.
A lot of young people see The Orphan Killer now as they once saw Michael or Freddy in the 80’s.
It’s a big hit with a new crowd.
I appreciate those early films but do not have the same feeling about all the remakes.
People know it’s a remake and at the end of the day TOK is original.

UkF :
Besides the violence and the gore THE ORPHAN KILLER also has an undertone that people would consider blasphemous.
Am I right with my consideration that you wanted to criticize the catholic church and the things that are still matter of fact ?
I mean things like punishment, sexual abuse etc.

Matt Farnsworth :
I really couldn’t care less about the catholic church or any other church for that matter.
The saddest thing in my opinion is the wasted space that the churches take up in the world.
These beautiful buildings that could serve so many other functions are squandered on a made up story.
I guess it is just good in the time of Christ that it was not Peter Pan that was written instead of the bible or the devil would be Captain Hook AHRRRR...... and Christ would be hopping around in green tights.
I wonder if Captain Hook would have crucified Peter? I doubt it. Maybe it would have been better.
Good guys win. More of a feel good story for the masses to follow than Christ. I digress.
The deprogramming will take time. In fact, it’s just a backdrop of the story. Just like never never land.


UkF :
An important element in TOK is the crude violence and the gore.
Was it clear to you from the beginning that you wanted to go “Over the Top” with the graphical violence in TOK

Matt Farnsworth :

UkF :
Noticeable is, that in all of your movies Diane Foster was involved as Actress and Producer.
How did you met Diane and how the both ended up working together?

Matt Farnsworth :
Diane and I met on a movie set.
Since we met we have not spent a day apart.
Its a wonderful way to spend life.

You also work as a performance artist.
Could you please tell us a bit about your performances?

Matt Farnsworth :

I have acted in films and in TV shows.

Due to the popularity of TOK and also the ending of the movie, it seems like there will be a sequel.
Are there any plans to bring Marcus Miller back on the screen?
I am sure the fans all over the world would be more than pleased .

Matt Farnsworth :
Of course.
We have so many fans all over the world.
I love the fans of the film and want to bring them the best.
We are taking our time to make the sequel the right way. As you know the film is MASSIVE.
It has made horror fans feel that feeling they first had when they fell in love with horror all over again. I intend on giving that feeling each time they see an Orphan Killer movie.


Do you already have plans for a new movie besides an Orphan Killer Sequel - if you will do a Sequel ? (laughs)
If so, you want to tell us a bit about it ?

Matt Farnsworth :
Diane Foster is a strong actress and powerful character in Audrey. She has orphan killer in the bloodline and that need to kill is rising in her. Now that she has murdered she might just find herself bloodthirsty with big brother. The Orphan Killer 2.
Get it.

UkF :
What do you prefer – to work as an actor in front of the camera or behind it as director?

Matt Farnsworth :
All aspects of the process have their own unique exciting points and challenges.

Now some more personal questions about yourself. What are your Top 10 All Time Movies?

Matt Farnsworth :
Clockwork Orange, The Shining, Pulp Fiction, Jaws, Nightmare on Elm Street

Which Director/Movie was the biggest influence on you and that you wanted to make movies too ?

Matt Farnsworth :
Kubrick, Craves, Carpenter, Tarantino, Scorsese, Hooper, Argento, and Jack Nicholson as an actor.

Are there any Actors you would love to work with?
Who is your favorite actor?

Matt Farnsworth :
I really do not have anyone I desire to work with.


How do you feel about all the Horror Movie Remakes that were made in the last years?
Is there a movie you would like to do make a Remake of?

Matt Farnsworth :
No. Not really.

Ukf :
If someone would like to make a Remake of TOK, would you be cool with that?

Matt Farnsworth :
I’ll let you know when it happens.

Do you have any contact/connections to other Indie Movie Directors and how big is the coherence in the US Indie Scene?

Matt Farnsworth :
TOK gets more views online than the major US Publications in Horror. TOK is a powerhouse not only in the indie horror world but the horror world in general.



Did a lot changed on the Indie Movie Sector since you started?
Is it easier or more difficult today to find people to invest money in Indie Movies?

Matt Farnsworth :
Times are not the same. With the economy taking a dive into the toilet in the US it’s harder. Studios are bastardizing anything they think can make them money. I am lucky to have a film like TOK. I know it. The film is so popular now that the mask is going into retail stores with Trick or Treat Studios. Justin Mabry, who sculpted the Michael Myers blood tears mask created the new Orphan Killer mask. It is coming to Hot Topic, Amazon, Morris Costume shops, Spirit, Halloweentown, and others.

If you would win 1 Million $ in a Lottery, what would you do with the money?
I guess making more movies (laughs)?

Matt Farnsworth :
I’d buy another house in LA.

Ukf :
I thank you sooo much for doing this interview for our forum Matt! I wish you way more success with TOK and more positive feedback than it already has.
The last words are yours, you can leave some comments, greets or whatever here!

Matt Farnsworth :
It is my cruel pleasure. Please visit The Orphan Killer ffor more info about the movie and upcoming news. You can also create and account and win special items. We have new videos that will be posted on the site all summer. Join now. All discs sold on the store are region free and come with a soundtrack. http://www.theorphankillerstore.com
You are allowed to buy the movie if you are in Germany from the store in the US and have it shipped. It is not illegal to own in Germany. It is illegal for me to sell it in Germany. So, fans you are allowed to get it

www.youtube.com Video from : www.youtube.com

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